Post Number One: Mets-Rockies Series Opener

I’m currently watching my beloved Mets lead the Rockies in the Top 7th. After the disaster that was yesterday’s blown lead against the Braves, it would be nice to see the Mets hold onto this one and pummel a team they should be pummeling.  One of the things that’s always frustrated me about the Mets was their uncanny ability to let the less talented teams beat them, time and time again.  I don’t think that should be a problem this year.  I happen to think their rotation is solid, Pedro or no Pedro.  Perez may be inconsistent but I think he’ll find his groove now that he’s got the best offense in the NL to support him.  Pelfrey hasn’t been dazzling but he’ll benefit from the offense and hopefully get some wins to build his confidence.  The bullpen is a work in progress, but I have faith. 

A lot of my friends seem to strongly dislike the presence of Shawn Green and Jose Valentin in the starting lineup.  This offseason I would have long arguments with my brother or another friend, where I would stick up for Green and Valentin. I’m glad to see I was right, for now.  Green’s hitting in the .340s and Valentin’s three run homer reminded me that we finally have someone in the eighth slot who can put it over the fence every now and then.  I loved Rey Ordonez’s glove, but I think I’ll like Valentin’s bat more if he produces.  Valentin’s average is a very solid .286, and though I don’t expect it to be that high come September, he should prove to be a fine second baseman for now.  With three of the five top hitters in the NL being Mets (Reyes, Beltran, and Alou), I don’t know why the eighth hitter in the lineup should have to be an expensive .300+ hitter. It might be nice, but could also prove to be a waste of money. I’m glad they laid off of Mark Loretta.

And as long as Maine pitches this well consistently, Omar Minaya will continue to look like a genius for that pickup.

Til next time


PS Carlos Delgado home run! Woooooooo!